Blethering about… MODI

The latest brand in the extreme sports scene and in the few weeks it’s been running it’s already a strong favourite with me! Hand drawn, unique characters on light simple t-shirts. Why complicate things? Nick at MoDI is keeping things simple, effective and awesome. So let’s hear from the man himself…


So MoDI –  how do you pronounce that?

“Moe-di – fun fact MoDI is Norse for “brave” and MoDI is also one of the sons of Thor (god of thunder). These are two big reasons why I picked the name.

I love Norse mythology (and I’m a massive avengers fan with Thor being my fave) and I love names with meanings and a bit of a story. It also gave me the idea to base all my MoDI characters off of real people I know who have influenced my life in some way. The 3 characters that I have released are called;

  • Gordi – The Skater

Named after my dad (Gordon) for getting me into board sports and being an old school skater himself.

  • Sally – The Surfer

Sally is named after one of my old bosses Sally who helped me build my confidence in the sea by teaching me to surf.

  • Nick – The Wakeboarder

I know what you are thinking – but I named him after myself because of how much I love wakeboarding  and how much wakeboarding has become a part of my life, he is just a mini me!”


Who is behind MoDI? 

“My name is Nick, I’m 24 and I’m from a small town called East Linton. I’m from a big family, I have three brothers and one sister so there was always something going on. I was a bit of a little sh*t growing up but I was always doing something, whether it was basketball, blading, skateboarding, bmxing, playing “chappy” – I was always active.

I am a big believer in finding a passion and giving it your all. I wouldn’t say I took life too serious, you need to laugh lots, life is better that way! I love competition (I’m really competitive, I can’t help it) and the vibe you get from sports! I’m a team player, that’s why I loved basketball so much.

As far as the inspiration behind MoDI Clothing, I’ve been involved with extreme sports from a young age, my dad got me into skateboarding when I was 10… maybe (he was an old school skater in his day) and from then on extreme sports were just thee best thing.

I’ve been a blader (not the coolest but it was fun!) I’ve bmxed, still do sometimes when I can. And I still skate when I can, I’m not the best at it but I love the feeling of carving around a skatepark.

My biggest passion is wakeboarding though. I started wakeboarding in 2014 when I started working with Foxlake.

I didn’t even know what wakeboarding was before I started at Foxlake! Since then it’s been an obsession ever since. There is no better feeling than carving about the water spraying walls of water.

Wakeboarding is the one thing that I can do and nothing else matters.

Having a bad day? Go wakeboarding.

Having a good day? Go wakeboarding.

Need to relieve some stress? Go wakeboarding.

Want to have a laugh with your mates? Go wakeboarding.

It’s unreal, I love it! When I’m on the water I have no other problems, no other responsibilities it’s just me on my board on the water.

Readers if you haven’t tried wakeboarding get to your local wakepark (Foxlake Dunbar, Foxlake Dundee or Glasgow Wakepark) and get on the water, it’ll change your life!”

[I agree with Nick – Wakeboarding is amazing and a lot easier than it looks!]


What pushed you to create MoDI?

“I love drawing, designing things and extreme sports, always have. I knew the style of tshirts I liked and knew a lot of my friends liked I just never did anything about it until I was spurred on by my girlfriend to do something with my drawing and designing.

We looked into graphic design courses at college but I was unsure of going to college, I have no graphic design history other than faffing around on different apps and I school wasn’t my strong point.

So with the thought of being a graphic designer or getting into graphic designs in my head I decided to take what I knew I was good at (drawing, some extreme sports and faffing around on adobe) and put pencil to paper in my bedroom one night, messed around on adobe, drew my first MoDI character and here we are now! If my girlfriend hadn’t given me the push I needed I’d still have been faffing around and not doing anything!”


What products will you be selling?


“Right now I am selling tshirts. I decided to keep the brand nice and simple and offer just one product, just now. I have ideas and plans for other clothing and things that I will release in the future. Keep your eyes peeled!”


Where can readers buy your threads?

“I am currently working on getting my website up and running (really not an easy thing to do) but you can still buy them by emailing the email address and I can place your order. All readers need to do is let me know the design they want, colour, size and where to send it. Readers can also head to our Instagram @modi_clothing and email us through that or give us a call.

Tee’s start from £18, for custom orders email for a quote!”


Who is MoDI aimed at?

“I am aiming my products at everyone in the extreme sports community and the outdoor community, just now. I have plans to move outside these communities but MoDI isn’t there yet. I would love to aim my tshirts to every person possible if I could but I’m not sure 85 year old Reginald would buy a wakeboarder tee, I would love to be wrong there though, how bad ass would that be! Reginald rocking a MoDI tee!”


Do you have a favourite design so far?

“I do, it has to be the wakeboarder. I love all the designs I’ve drawn but he was the first one, the OG, and he is my biggest passion and he just looks so cool!”

Not that I am biased, but this design is my favourite…

Anything readers should be looking out for?


I have 2 more releases coming up. I will be introducing, at least (right now), 4 more MoDI characters all of which are all different extreme sports and again have their own stories! Super excited for everyone to meet them! As I said earlier I do plan on releasing more styles of  clothing plus other things and to keep an eye out for the website”


Where can we keep up to date with your happenings?

“Instagram is the best place to keep track @modi_clothing give us a follow if you like it! And I will be doing more with Facebook I just haven’t gotten round to doing it yet.”

MoDI’s final words…

“The best thing about the MoDI clothing range is the fact we do custom characters. When I say custom I mean as custom as you can get. From barbers to mountain bike couples, rugby players and even a wakeboarding dog! If you can think it we can draw it and make it into a MoDI character. It doesn’t have to be sports either as I said above we did a custom barber character!


I would also like to say a massive thank you to the readers for taking time out your day to read about our new clothing company. Thank you!”

Thanks to Nick for letting us in on his MoDI world, keep an eye on their social media pages for new products, designs and websites coming soon!

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