Bletherin’ About… Veloeye

It’s every mountain bikers worst nightmare. Discovering your pride and joy, your two-wheeled baby is gone. Stolen.

The growth in cycling over recent years has brought with it a growth in bike related crime, the most common being bike theft.

It can happen to anyone, anywhere. People have had their bikes stolen from roof racks, inside cars, from garages, sheds and even homes. While insuring your bike means you are not left out of pocket, it won’t save you from the hours of phone calls to your insurance provider, hunting for a new bike and weeks of being bikeless while you wait for a replacement.

So what can you do to prevent theft in the first place? Sleeping with your bike is for sure an option, but not an ideal solution and can result in separation and divorce from significant others. You can take your bike everywhere you go never leaving it for a second, but again this may impact on your life just a little bit.

This is where Veloeye step in.

How does Veloeye work?

The Veloeye pack – straight forward and effective.

It’s ridiculously simple.

  1. Apply one of the Veloeye tamper-proof stickers to your bike
  2. Download the free Veloeye app
  3. Scan the sticker on your bike
  4. The sticker and bike are registered with the Veloeye central system

Your bike is marked green on registration – in the event of being stolen you set the bike status to red.

One of the key goals for Veloeye is to build a community in the cycling world that look out for one another. If someone spots a bike with a Veloeye sticker and recognises it as a stolen bike, a quick scan of the barcode will reveal if it is stolen and can notify the owner of the bike location.

Only three years in, Matthew Rice and his team already have great brand recognition, the Veloeye tags are easily recognisable and they have a great presence on social media. Another wee bonus of using Veloeye is that you will receive 10% discount on your insurance premium if you use Pedalcover.

IMG_0069 (2)
Matthew Rice – Working hard to keep your bike safe.

So will this stop my bike being stolen?

Honestly, I don’t think anything can guarantee your bike won’t be at risk of theft. But this is an all important step in preventing your bike being targeted and in the event of a theft makes your bike too hot to handle increasing your chance of a recovery.

Veloeye have some exciting future plans so be sure to give them a follow to keep up with developments. Currently they have started a petition to make it a requirement to log a bike’s serial number when selling on ebay and gumtree increasing the chances of reuniting stolen bikes with their owners. Sign the petition to help put a stop to bike theft!

Don’t forget – you can register your bike for free! Just click here.

Got any handy tips to keep your bike safe? Leave a comment!


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