Blethering About… SkaterTrainers

I am a total chicken and out of all of the sports I do Skateboarding is the one I am most scared of in terms of hitting the deck – something I do a lot. If you see me at the Skatepark I am padded up to the eyeballs – knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet the whole shabang. I have been cruising on skateboards and longboards for a couple of years and with my snowboarding and wakeboarding background edging has become second nature. Tricks however scare the life out of me.

When I learn anything I need the step by step process. Like everything must be broken down for me. I need to practice each step hundred of times over and then put the pieces together so for me the SkaterTrainers gave me hope that perhaps I could possibly land a single skateboard trick.

SkaterTrainers – What are they?


Roger who hails from Oklahoma invented SkaterTrainers in 2013 to help people learn new tricks fast. For me SkaterTrainers are not about learning tricks fast. They’re about learning tricks full stop.

These sweet learning tools are made from a specially selected rubber for a combination of stretch and durability meaning they are easy to install and will last as long as you need them to.

The squarish rubber wheel covers provide grip to stop the board from rolling when working on tricks eliminating one of the biggest obstacles to new skateboarders.

How Do They Work?

Installing the SkaterTrainers is easy, you simply stretch them over your wheels which takes a matter of seconds. Removal is even quicker by just slipping them off the way you applied them and there is even a handy gif clip on the SkaterTrainer website to show you how it’s done.

So they are on – now what?

Now you can practice your skateboard tricks without the wobbling and immense fear of your board slipping out from underneath you bringing you crashing down to earth bringing on the realisation that you’re in your late 20’s and trying to learn how to skateboard.

The SkaterTrainers provide you with the stability to learn the technique of your trick and practice until you develop the muscle memory to transfer it over to a moving skateboard.

What Do I Think?

Although I can ollie on a wakeboard taking this onto a skateboard freaked me out. I’m not sure if it’s the not having my feet attached to the board that made me anxious or the solid landing if I was to fall. I’ve never appreciated canal water so much in my life.

I was apprehensive the first time I tried the SkaterTrainer, I attempted possibly the most gentle pop of an ollie there ever was. As soon as that was out of the way and I realised how stable I was now on the board I gradually built up the ollies, getting higher and pushing harder. If it wasn’t for the SkaterTrainer I would not be able to eliminate the balance issue and pick up on the fact I was not snapping the board back down with my front foot.

Now that I was finally getting ollie’s more consistent thanks to the SkaterTrainers I could now start trying more tricks like kickflips. I’m pretty certain that when I take the SkaterTrainers off and try ollies without them I will probably fall on my ass, but like a kid getting their stabilisers taken off their bike it has to happen sometime and it will be for the best.

Skateboarding is hard. It has got to be one of the most difficult sports to learn and master. It is a punishing sport but it is as rewarding as it is painful. After so many attempts and so many beatings from learning tricks the first time you stomp it and finally feel all the steps click – there is no feeling like it.


The SkaterTrainer makes skateboarding that bit more accessible especially to people like me who are only starting to pick it up in their adult life. I would recommend the SkaterTrainers to anyone who wants to skateboard no matter what their level. Brand new to skateboard? Learn the basics. Somewhat confident on a board? Get those tricks dialled everytime. Experienced Skateboarder – get inventive and try something new or give back by using these to teach a friend!

You can buy yours here for around $24 US plus the guys ship worldwide. Big thanks to Roger for letting me test out these wee crackers.

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