Blethering About… Booicore

Are you fed up with getting your piece out in public? Is your vagina in view? Cans out in the car park? Enter Booicore to solve your car park changing challenges!

Booicore is the brainchild of husband and wife team Julian and Anita. I had to ask about the name, it stuck in my mind as it was unusual and I had no idea how to pronounce it – it’s pronounced “Boo-E-Core” by the way. Turns out as a younger lad Julian’s nickname was “Booi” and the couple thought it would be pretty cool to incorporate it into their business name – I agree!

The brand was born in 2010 after Julian decided to end the frustration he had for getting changed outdoors after biking or wind surfing, and with a lack of quality changing towel options on the market he seeked help from his wife who works in garment manufacturing. Anita and Julian put their heads together and the changing towel was born which has proven to be the answer to the struggle of changing outdoors. Since then the pair have introduced several other products to their line including T-Shirts, gym bags, dirtbags and even a laundry bag.

The folks of Booicore kindly sent me a couple of their best sellers for me to check out for myself, so read on and find out what I thought of the Booicore Changing Towel and Booicore dirtbag.

Booicore Changing Towel


The first thing I noticed about this towel was the weight of it. The guys at Booicore did not scrimp on the material, this is a heavy and high quality product which covered me from my head to (just shy of) my toes – I am 5ft 7 for reference. The towels are made from 100% (400g) cotton towelling and built to last.

The towel measures measures 85cm armpit to armpit allow plenty room for pulling your arms in and out and waving them all about, important for us gals who need to fight with difficult sports bras and pull tops out of the sleeves.

The thick and heavy material was an absolute godsend for me as I was changing in freezing conditions with a flurry of snow falling in the car park. Not only did it provide me with coverage from awkward glances but also from the bitterly cold wind and an increasing number of snowflakes.

One of these changing robes will set you back £30.99, in my opinion a more than fair price for the quality and functionality of the robe. I chose orange but you can also get the robe in: Satanic Red, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, British Grey. There is also a “midi” option at only £26.99 which is ideal for anyone 5ft 5 or shorter.

Booicore dirtbag


The (approx) 50L capacity PVC Coated Heavy Duty Polyester bag again impressed me with its high quality and well thought out design. The feature I liked the most was the liner seperating two large sections of the bag, which I used for clean clothes on one side and my riding kit on the other side, it even fit my full face helmet which is a chunky bit of kit.

Other features you will find on the dirtbag are: a built-in shoe pocket, a smaller pocket perfect for mobile phones or GoPros, a key loop and strap, as well as an adjustable carry strap.

Because I’m a slave to fashion I obviously had to go for an orange bag to match my orange robe. If you’re not feeling zesty you can also get this bag in Black, Grey and Royal Blue.

One of these babies will set you back a mere £26.99. It might not be the cheapest kit bag on the market but it is great value for money with it’s many useful features, large capacity, high quality materials and durability.

The only thing I would suggest to improve the design of this bag would be a secure zip fastening for the mobile pocket. Otherwise I really cannot fault this brilliant piece of kit.

The Verdict

Overall these two products really made a difference to the level of faff involved in getting changed before and after riding, particularly in the cold Scottish winter conditions. I even had to fight my fiance for the robe as he was ready to travel home in it after getting a shot of it.

As if this wasn’t enough, Booicore also has a kids specific range “Booikids” and they ship internationally so you can get the Booicore look worldwide!

Julian and Anita have also teased that they have some new products on the horizon, another “essential” item is on it’s way so follow the guys on Facebook and Instagram to be the first in line for new cool stuff.

Check out the range and get your Booicore goodies here.

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